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  2. Roo, I sent you an email regarding a complaint raised by Xanile. Let me know when you have time to talk about it. Thanks.

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  4. But that is my Point! These Badges dont have icons, so you "gain" the "badge", but have no way of actually wearing or showing it. I am aware of gender specific masteries, those work fine (except artificer for reasons i suspect to be the same as you have pointed out). --> My point is: Add those icons! Cannot be too hard a job and some of the prestige ones realy look awesome, so i'd love to show them with pride. Especially cause it's in fact a much bigger accomplishment to reach, say, Prestige 20 (yes that gives a badge, the best so far) than to "just" max a class/race once.
  5. WTB t1% exp rare/epic shoulders/back/pocket/mouth/neck/waist/finger WTB rare t2% exp shoulders/ammo/head/neck/wrist/waist/finger WTB rare t3%+ exp shoulders/back/wh/ammo/pocket/mouth/head/eyes/neck/chest/wrist/arms/waist/hands/finger/feet WTB epic t4% exp back/wh/pocket/eyes/neck/waist/finger WTB lege t4% exp eyes/lege t3%+ exp% finger PM me on Armux or leave here a msg with yr ign ill try to catch ya update: WTS 5 epic gems nilla (except 1 kinda~ t1%mnd) > wanted coinz only
  6. Going Postal and "Prestigious" don't have icons. Prestige ones work if they're class / race specific (i.e. Gnome mastery, Rogue mastery, etc.), or at least I've come to learn most do. Artificer may not work because of being a new class, a slight oversight.
  7. Some of the badges do not show. I assume missing images or not-implemanted scaled down versions of the images? To be more specific: The Badge shows in my collection in the options menu, but if i select it the preview field just stays blank and if updated the chat also shows no badge at all. From the badges i own this is true for: Going Postal All the Prestige ones so far Slaughterhouse Also, the Artificer Class seems to not be unlocking a badge for it's mastery yet; I know it's a new class but doesnt hur letting you know. Cheers; Likkle
  8. You were removed for 24 hours for using PVP functions after having a 2-day PVP ban applied to you, and told verbally you were having a 2 day timer placed on you. If a mysterious bug was the root of the PVP ban lifting itself, that's one thing, but you openly lied to me about conquering lands despite me telling you that you were banned indefinitely from PVP activities for two days. You've been removed from the game entirely for 24 hours for your actions.
  9. Flesh wins with a guess of 8.5B, less than a B away from the actual amount of 9.414B
  10. 24 hours to go our Facebook page and get your best guess on the total number of Shell bits in the game. Closest one takes home a Treasure Pack!
  11. Had something similar happen before, did you already have a pre existing custom avatar before? Sometimes it will confuse the game and try to load both.
  12. Daughter has T-Ball practice not long after I'm out of work tonight, but afterwards I'll try to make myself available when you're generally active so I can get the details and forward them along.
  13. I believe I've discovered an in game bug. I'd rather not say what it is because nearly anyone could exploit it. I'd be happy to discuss it with staff. Andrea
  14. WTB Legendary gear for the following slots that has T4 multiply experience for level 60. Shoulders, Back, Weakhand, Ammo, Pocket, Mouth, Neck, Chest, Wrist, Arms, Finger Contact me here or in game: Han Solo Thanks Edit: Still looking. Edit: Bump
  15. Send it my way.
  16. I wouldn't use those words but I understand the sentiment. -Andrea
  17. Dear FK, This is Andrea of KOA. You've been called out. We know you tremble in fear at the mere mention of our guild and the knights generally. It's time you pay the price for your arrogance. Andrea and Thy officially challenge Deadpool and IronicDeath to a best of 7 series of battles for Nameless. What's at stake? The title of most powerful faction, toons, and guild in all of DoH. -Andrea
  18. Could work. But, Kaun needs to get his shit together and actually follow through with his bullshit. 3 seperate occasions he's claimed to hold an event later that week, but nothing.
  19. Hey gang! There's a contest idea I've been batting around for a few weeks now. This post should serve as a way to discuss it as a community and decide if we like it. DoH Fashion Show The goal is to create suits that are both 1) functional and 2) attractive. We should have a panel of judges or maybe just community voting to determine prize winners. Rather than having 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc we should have categories where certain factors are considered. We should reward creativity. The goal is not to collect all of a certain type of matching icon, for instance. I could imagine some wacky suits like one of all inferior quality or one of all the various add damage types. Let's discuss this and see if people want to participate and come up with categories. Andrea
  20. Welcome to the DOH family !!
  21. Welcome to DoH. [KOA] is alright. They have Thy so they lose cool guild points. P.S Han Solo died in the last star trek.
  22. I used wishes to update my avatar on one of my characters today, but for some reason it isn't registering in the system. I've tried refreshing my cache, resetting all my browser data etc. But it's still not registering, I tried updating the avatar icon a second time to make sure I selected the right file, still nothing, definitely picked the right file. Not sure if this is a system error or something on my end, but wanted to make this post just in case this is a problem that might repeat itself. Thanks.
  23. Hello all, Thank You for the great community and excellent game! I have been holding off on making this post until I was sure I wanted to stick around and keep playing. I have thoroughly been enjoying learning about the game and meeting the people who play it. And it's such a perfect game for me to play while I'm at work. [KoA] Has been super kind to me as I am a Knight. I plan to continue being a knight on any future characters as well. So if we bump into one another know that I don't have hard feelings but I can become consumed in a min/maxing mentality that sometimes comes off rude. And in all honesty I have not met one bad egg in the community. Really is a tight welcoming fan base on this game. Hopefully others come to see this as well. So thank you again for allowing me to enjoy DoH and afk along side you. ps. I like gifs.
  24. +1 for this document. It has a TON of basic information. I recommend it to every new player I meet. All that information compiled into one document is awesome!
  25. Beneficial Platinum Bracelet of Miyamoto (Wrists) Base Defense: 7, Adds 12.5 to LUK, Adds 12.5 to LUK, Multiply Experience by 5.0% (In Set: Level 10 EXP) Favored Chain Mail of Buffett (Chest) Base Defense: 21, Adds 25.0 to LUK, Adds 25.0 to LUK, Multiply Experience by 10.0% (In Set: Level 20 EXP) Successful Angkle Wats of Gates (Feet) Base Defense: 5, Adds 37.5 to LUK, Adds 37.5 to LUK, Adds 37.5 to LUK, Multiply Experience by 20.0% (In Set: Level 40 EXP)



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