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  2. reagent conversion with sub

    I think Roo raised this issue and it got fixed, but then again I think alot of subs problems havent got fixed to be honest.
  3. reagent conversion with sub

    bump anyone else tried?
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  6. getting spammed with system message

    Noticed that when I log in, select the toon and I wait for plugins to load Chrome gets a pop-up blocked notification. Tried allowing pop-up but its only about:blank.
  7. Equipment Advice

    Thank you for the reply. Do you think it is feasible to get T6-T8 (over 2 slots) for each piece of gear (POW, LUK or MF) before starting to use rare gems?
  8. Equipment Advice

    Gear is much easier to get than charms and even gems for that matter and cheaper. If you've got some gold saved up, you could definitely get all legendary and mythical gear even with MF enchants, it wasn't hard for me to get gear with MF on it for every slot. What I and a couple others do is leave all of our POW, Multi%, Phys Resistance, Agi, etc. to our charms and then use the gear only for MF and LUK. I don't have a single charm that has LUK on it but my charms give me what I need for every other stat, the only exception is having a few MF charms. The only exception on my gear is having pieces with % stats, like POW% or AGI% as those are too good of stats to pass up. I only put LUK or MF gems into my gear and since I know the gear is good enough to keep for a long time I only use rare gems, except in the case of a notable gem that has LUK% on it. So in short, if you're able, get gear first, preferably with MF on every piece if you can find it, fill the other stats with 37.5 LUK. Then once you've got some decent gear on, if you have pieces that are good enough to keep for a long time, gem them, and then move on to charms, replacing all the notable and lower with rare, then eventually replacing all the rare with epic, etc. Also ask around in Guild chat, I have a few pieces I can sell you and others most likely will as well.
  9. Equipment Advice

    Hey there, You may have seen me in game as Stokesey, or Amn just starting out. I have played the game for approximately three weeks and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience, both the game play and the interaction with yourselves, this tight friendly little community. Anywho, I have made an MF toon, reached level 78 and once I have settled in my first "real" MF set (hopefully that will allow me to grind at 80) I am looking to plan for an upgrade. My first "real" MF set basically consists of legend/myth pieces with T4 POW or LUK enchants (single enchantment per piece). I am also able to socket nota gems without NFEs (and 4 unc gems with T1-T3 POW/LUK%). In addition I have approx. 25 unc and 25 nota charms without NFEs. What should I look to upgrade, to get the most "bang for my buck" so to speak? Is it easier to get T6 on the equipment, to get better charms or to use the same equipment/charms but with rare gems instead? Please try to be as specific as you can. I am only looking to upgrade if it is "worth" it from an MF-grinding point of view. Thanks!
  10. getting spammed with system message

    I have no idea sorry. Looks like something the devs need to look at.
  11. So I run exclusively Linux systems, particularly Ubuntu 16.04 and newer. This OS has a very hard time running this game for extended periods of time without a browser crash from over use of memory, but I've found a few ways around it, some more reliable than others. I'm making this post mainly for the future, if there are any other players who choose to play this game on a Linux OS. Chrome / Chromium [Unreliable Fix]: For those using Google Chrome or Chromium browser this is the suggested fix, it has not worked for me, or at least, has not extended the life of the DOH tab for long if any at all, however, this is the typically suggested way of fixing memory related crash problems on Linux. The first thing to do is open the browser and go to Settings > Advanced > System here you should find three options, the second of which reads "Use hardware acceleration when available" disable this. The second thing to do involves using a flag when running the program, you can either type this into a terminal manually every time you want to open the browser, or save it as a '.sh' file and run it from the terminal, which is obviously the easier way to do it. Below is the command you will need to run in order to launch Chrome / Chromium with the GPU settings disabled. For Chrome : The command needed to launch Chrome will be: :~$ google-chrome --disable-gpu If you save that command as a .sh file, like 'chrome.sh' for example, then give it permissions with: :~$ chmod a+x chrome.sh And now, whenever you want to run Chrome for DOH simply open the terminal and type: :~$ ./chrome.sh For Chromium: This will be the exact same as what is needed for Chrome except the command will be: :~$ chromium-browser --disable-gpu FireFox [Somewhat reliable]: This fix has little technicality to it other than simply running the game in a FireFox window as opposed to a Chrome or Chromium window. On my machines, FireFox has always run for longer without crash than has Chrome or Chromium, typically I would be able to leave it on overnight without it crashing, however it would be horrifically slow without a full browser reset by morning. In order to optimize your FireFox window to be as 'light' as possible, there is a flag that you can put into the terminal when launching. Running FireFox this way will allow for a far longer tab life than will the Chrome or Chromium browsers, however, as FireFox is known to be, it can become incredible slow incredibly fast, meaning you may have to even force quit the browser in order to reload the page if DOH has been left running for too long. FireFox: The command used to launch FireFox will be: :~$ firefox --safe-mode This can be saved as a .sh file in the exact same way as the Chrome and Chromium windows. Pale Moon Browser [Most Reliable So Far]: This final method I have recently discovered and has worked incredibly well for me, I'm not exactly sure what about this browser makes it work so well, but it does. This browser is open source and Mozilla based, however it runs much faster, at least with DOH, than FireFox and can be run for very long periods of time without needing a reset. I can run DOH on this browser from when I fall asleep until lunch the following day without it even slowing down much, if at all. I haven't tested yet to see exactly how long it will run without a crash or slow speeds, as I usually am able to reload the page every 12 hours or so, but I may test this in the future. Below I will post how to install the Pale Moon browser in Ubuntu, if you are running another version of Linux you may have to alter the commands slightly as they do differ, but if you're running a version of Linux that isn't Ubuntu or Mint, then I'm going to assume you're perfectly capable of figuring that out yourself. The Pale Moon browser can be run with certain flags, however, I have found that they are unnecessary and do not seem to help with the life of the tab, these flags also typically involve the auto-deleting of cookies, which for DOH is a 'no, no' due to add-ons requiring cookies to save their settings. Pale Moon: To install Pale Moon first enter into the terminal: sudo sh -c "echo 'deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/stevenpusser/xUbuntu_16.04/ /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/palemoon.list" You may need to enter your password at this point and if you are running a version of Ubuntu that is not 16.04 you may need to swap that for '15.10', '14.04', or '12.04' in the code Next enter: wget -q http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:stevenpusser/xUbuntu_16.04/Release.key -O- | sudo apt-key add - You may also need to replace the 16.04 in that code again if you are not running 16.04 And finally: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install palemoon Hopefully anyone out there who may eventually run this on Linux finds this guide helpful, the browser crashing became a very annoying issue for me until I discovered these fixes, so I wanted to prevent anyone else from bumping into that. -Menchi
  12. I'm quite pleased with the current subscriptions and I'm happy to maintain my status as one. However, the game needs more PvP and I'd be willing to pay for subs that contributed to it in some way. Maybe we could have two types of subscriptions that we could have simultaneously, the current one for PvE and a new one for PvP. Andrea
  13. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd never spend 5 dollars on only one mega loot boost potion, it's just not really worth the money for what you're getting, in my opinion, especially since you could instead spend that five dollars on a week of subscription, get two mega boosts and mule space along with all the extra perks it brings. I think people, myself included, would actually spend the five dollars on the loot boost pack if it had five mega boosts inside. Not only would people get a huge perk out of that, but it'd bring in more income for the game. -Menchi
  14. reagent conversion with sub

    I have a subscription which should make reagent conversion at max 20:1 yet when i try for example to convert 1000 instead it converts 1250, but at the correct rate: Converted 1250 19th Century Poems to 62 Luck Orbs but why does it increase the amount i want to convert to higher?! material conversion works alright Converted 1000 Threads of Silk to 50 Stones
  15. getting spammed with system message

    Any idea if it could be any of the plugins? Doubt any of them do something with purchase cart tho..
  16. Chrome "Aw snap" tab crash, out of memory

    Did this issue ever get solved? It's a big issue for me, and only really happens on Chrome or Chromium. I can leave FireFox on for a very long time but it gets slower and slower, Chrome and Chromium (on Ubuntu) can't run for more than five or six hours without getting the "Aw Snap" message.
  17. Does anyone have details on the different Aritifcer skills, e.g. increase x%/skill level? Cheers, Stokesey
  18. getting spammed with system message

    nop, no clicking
  19. A Noob's Guide To: Magic Find Characters

    Hi there, Thank you for a very interesting and helpful guide! I acctually started an Orc Rogue as my first toon a couple of days ago, but decided to also start a Gnome Artificer (was told this would be the "best" (i.e. most specialized) toon)) to see how far I got. If I cannot make it all the way on the Gnome, yet, I will continue to build the Orc. Having said that, I was wondering if you could give me some information on the Gnome, like what skills to focus on and how far to go with physical resistance? Other than physical resistance, I assume all attribute points goes into Luck? Many thanks, Stokesey EDIT: I was given some very helpful information in this regard in game, so no need spend time on this matter for my sake.
  20. Anybody Home?

    Over the last few months the game has not received any serious attention from the devs. I get that the dev team is small (just Aaron and Kuan?), and that real life might be conspiring to keep you too busy for game updates and what have you, But even the welcome message is touting a sale that ended over a month ago. Any ways I was just hoping to find out when we could expect to see to see a presence from Tandem return to the game we love. Thanks.
  21. getting spammed with system message

    Usually happens when I click the return key. Any idea if your doing it by accident?
  22. Help me please, I'm getting spammed by "Purchase Link: PayPal URL for cart purchase" (see image) and it always changes to info tab so its super annoying. For ex. I tried stripping an item (or mby smth else can't remember what exactly it was) and it spammed that message after each click. Can you imagine how annoying that was.. But its happening everyday everywhere. Tried clearing cookies but didn't help.
  23. Introduce "Universal" Skills

    Sounds good! More dimensions to the builds, which I do agree is still not equal across class and races.
  24. Universal Skill meaning it works exactly like Attack! and Rest, whereas it's on EVERY character regardless of race / class combination. So a Orc Rogue would have [Class]Savage Attack [Class]Tension [Class]Rage!! [Race] Slit [Race] Serrated Blades [Race] Nimble Fingers [Race] Discipline [Race] Shadow Strike [Universal] Attack! [Universal] Rest [Universal] Power [Universal] Luck [Universal] Experience Etcetera. It would be a bit clunky I suppose, adding 6 for each major stat (Mind / Luck / Power...) then 7 for damage types (Fire, Ice, Lightning...) then 4 more for Exp, MF, and HP/MP Leech...A total of 17 skills in all, compared to our current 10 on all toons. At any rate it would help players shy away from the cookie-cutter builds a bit more, alleviate the pain of a poorly chosen class / race combination for new players, and finally give veterans a reason to prestige other than bragging rights or a cooldown skill they hardly ever use. Though the idea is for the "Universal Skills" as I call them is to be severely less appetizing as their race / class counterparts. (If a Race skill gives you 2% Power, I think the Universal should grant 1%.) so choosing a specific class / race to suit your playstyle or intended build is a lot easier, and you can pick and choose if a few skills don't quite mesh on one build vs another.
  25. Introduce "Universal" Skills

    I like a universal boost to skills and upgrades. I think Dook a while ago also suggested loot boosts happening gamewide. How is your first post work as a universal upgrade though?
  26. (Wed 10:46pm) [KOA] foob Tilared: (whispered to you) i still think guilds should have perks...lvling up guild is worthless...why not give 5%extra mf at lvl 50 or something (Wed 10:56pm) [FK] Braindrain Roo: (whispered to foob Tilared) I like that idea, throw that up on my post too, that'd be nice to see. Use the experience gained as a currency to purchases guild-wide upgrades
  27. I do believe this was talked about before (at least on the development side of things) and I think I downvoted it before, but thinking back that was stupid. So in the spirit of custom characters, and limitless possibilities, with the skill update it still seems that some race / class builds are still limited to a select few being the cream of the crop. Therefore it would be nice if we had "Universal" Skills for all Classes that are weaker than their Class / Race specific counterparts, but could make a load of difference for newer players with less gear, and on the flip side for veteran players they could find some more use in prestiging by gaining more utility out of their character. I was thinking instead of the 30% Ratio of T3 Enchant:Skill Strength Rosemourne implemented with the newest skillset (I think that was the baseline.) The skills would instead be a flat 1% to the big 6 base stats (Mind, Power, Agility, Endurance, Life, and Luck). Then on top of that we could do a 1% Magic Find, 3% Experience, 2% Damage Multipliers, 1% Damage Resists, 1% Affliction Cause, and .1% HP/MP Leech. For simplicity, we could say you have a Gnome Pirate, you got your bread and butter skills in Falchions, your 2 MF Skills and your 2 Luck skills. Say you've prestiged a few times and are level 80/80/12, which means you've each skill capped. Well, you could go for another 35 grueling prestige levels to get a level 35 Cooldown skill, but as a magic find character, that doesn't really benefit you much. (Limited utility against Ubers, maybe, but is that really worth the hassle? I think not.) At any rate, this could give players an incentive to keep prestiging to get those extra boosts, both new players and vets alike would benefit strongly, as well as remove some of the distaste for "unfavorable" classes/race combos new players tend to make.
  28. Let's have a loot boost promo, maybe a BOGO or something like that. -A
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