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    Dear FK, This is Andrea of KOA. You've been called out. We know you tremble in fear at the mere mention of our guild and the knights generally. It's time you pay the price for your arrogance. Andrea and Thy officially challenge Deadpool and IronicDeath to a best of 7 series of battles for Nameless. What's at stake? The title of most powerful faction, toons, and guild in all of DoH. -Andrea
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    Everytime i login the game puts me in a loop of telling me i have 2 version of the same plugin loaded(even when i DISABLE plugins on toon page) even when i click the cancel button it STILL restarts the page load and the message appears again.... i have deleted EVERY single cookie on my computer related to DoH i can find and its still happening and its starting to get really stupid and irritating any ideas???
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    Even as a new player, there needs to be an element of vigilance when doing personal transactions. Its every bit the same in real life, dont always accept the first offer you get. As long as what you offered was what you thought was fair, it is up to the seller to assess it from there. Id say even for seasoned players, it can still be difficult to judge for a lot of items, so theres never any harm in holding off on transactions before asking for other opinions.