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  1. Roo, I sent you an email regarding a complaint raised by Xanile. Let me know when you have time to talk about it. Thanks.

  2. Summer STATurday!

    Flesh wins with a guess of 8.5B, less than a B away from the actual amount of 9.414B
  3. 24 hours to go our Facebook page and get your best guess on the total number of Shell bits in the game. Closest one takes home a Treasure Pack!
  4. STATurday! 4-1-17

    STATurday Treasure Pack Giveaway! How many bits of Scale exist in the game? Closest reply wins a Treasure Pack. You've got 24 hours to go to https://www.facebook.com/domainofheroes/ and make your best guess.
  5. Congratz to the winners! I'm here to put the cherries on the cakes: 45 Wishes Pack to Zoar 30 Wishes Pack to Armux 15 Wishes Pack to Fleshy Stay tuned for more events
  6. Release Notes 3-27-17

    -OS updates. -Bug fixes on subscriptions
  7. The DoH M&R Lotto continues and I will personally add a mysterious prize to the winners!! Event ends Tuesday March 28.
  8. TP BOGO to celebrate! Sale ends Monday March 27.
  9. Starting tomorrow Tuesday March 21 DoH celebrates one year of being relaunched and we're throwing the first DoH M&R Lotto! Here's how it is gonna work: Find items made out of Wood (and only Wood, no multi-material items even if they include Wood). Upgrade that item to Heroic quality. Add the maximum number of T3 enchants of Grease Glob. (i.e. Rare would need 3xT3 enchants, Mythical would need 6xT3) Trade item a staff member who will ensure the proper material and enchant type. You will earn one Lotto Ticket per T3 Enchant. One week later, on Tuesday March 28, the raffle will take place following this setup: Players will have a (Number-Of-Tickets-Bought-By-Player / Total-Number-Of-Tickets-Bought-By-All-Players) chance of winning. Each player will be given a range of numbers representing 1 for each ticket they bought. A random number generator will be used to pick a winning 'number'. The prizes will be: 1st prize - (1) Gem key 2nd prize - (4) Mkeys 3rd prize - (30) Gkeys Good luck all!
  10. Watch our own Eo give his "The Spectrum of Gender" #TEDx talk (#DoH makes a cameo at 1:20). https://youtu.be/GkohmrE-EKc
  11. 022017 Release

    New 'Artificer' Class released (right after release the class won't have skills, but that'll change soon after deployment.) New 'Shoulder' and 'Back' equipment slots. New 'Shoulder' and 'Back' items, six of each. Some bugs fixes.
  12. Quick update: we were gunning to come out with a patch this week but decided to push until the next one. The reason? Aaron will be out of the country and we didn't want to do a release without him around. Thanks Dohrians for stickin' around.
  13. FvF Domination III

    Legion takes the crown back! Knights' Champion: Foob No Life Brotherhood: Zuliyzhan
  14. FvF Domination III

    FvF Domination continues in the following areas: Cerulean Vale Vinyardville Cloudcover Peninsula Onyx Quarry Nameless Isle The battle ends Tuesday January 3!
  15. FvF Domination II

    Knights Take Revenge! By taking Deathdruid's Domain, Savini, Ambrosia and Onyx Quarry, the Knights have won the FvF Dominance in its second edition. With nobody occupying the Knights Prime Minister position, the 100 Treasure Keys and 5 Master Treasure Keys go to their most active hero: Yambu. Tokens for brave losing efforts go to Legion's Deadpool and Brotherhood's Lost. Elections are underway--exercise your right to vote!