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  1. STUFF for sell

    Need cash Havn't felt like playing. Need to raise cash to pay bills. I have Charms 5 leg 13 epic 48 rare 39 nota 41 unc Not all Nilla but nothing earthshatering also 26 wishes and some keys. Post if intersted in all or part.
  2. Unban me now.

    Less work for the Mods would be 2 warnings 3rd time ban. No more work.. If you want to not follow the TOS use another chat program your off the game and can do what you want.
  3. Unban me now.

    Unsuspend him and permaban him. Him and an occasional other are the reasons I won't get my nephews playing. My overprotective sister would see one of his rants and kill me. I don't think there is three people in the game that would miss him.
  4. Time Stamps on chat

    Why ask for system time. Just have where we enter our time zone and have it convert to local time.
  5. CharmSets

    Off the top of my head you can use the bag plugin for tghis. Just exclude the charms or locked items on one bag. Ooops he said INV ,nevermind.
  6. Capture 'Click to Collect' mats

    Guess I'm the pick the penny up off the ground old fart/ I scroll through and click as many of those as I can. Not reaally a big deal wghen you have PVE turned off though.
  7. T4 MND myth charm

    Would like to sell or trade down. Please only reasonable offers. will accept rare/epic/legend charms or gems at a fair rate. Can't get the image. Just a t4% MND mythic charm.
  8. subbing in gear (pvp)

    The system is fine. It's a game not real life and swapping gear is part of the game.
  9. Untradeable wishes

    Save 3 buy a Mkey use or sell very easy solution. Doesn't take but a second to browse the wish page to find uses. Save 10 buy 5M coin same thing. It's a free gift so don't complain. I know it's some peoples nature but constant complainers get old.
  10. Charm sets

    You the man.
  11. Charm sets

    From a conversation in help. [C0RE] Cashew: Also that. [SASS] Derval: Since INV is always multiples of 10 [C0RE] Cashew: Especially when I'd want to put my luk together, my mnd together, etc. [C0RE] Cashew: Yeah that would. [SASS] Derval: What would be good is setting them up in a ten charm block and switching out blocks [SASS] Derval: - the need [SASS] Derval: Or good if you have more then you have inv need on your lower toons [C0RE] Cashew: Charm ftw. [C0RE] Booty Bandit : It's going to be made eventually anyway once this Fusion thing picks up, so I figured it's a good idea [DARK] Ataka: thanks for reminding me booty [KOA] Elinia: Unless you want to fight them [KOA] Elinia: Dual* [C0RE] Booty Bandit : Charm, also Duel NFE filter for sorter? *Charmaka looks into it [W] Charmaka: would be a useful addition [C0RE] Cashew: Is it possible to have the equipment sets plugin or the like do a set of charms for ease of moving?
  12. Level requirements

    Or you can scroll down and read this
  13. Would like to see an option to sort by item location. Not just one type but the entire list. For example Charm 1 charm 2 Gem SH 1 Sh 2 Sh 3 Legs ring 1 ring 2 feet kinda how my brain works when I'm looking through the list. Would also like a rename category to search for.
  14. 4 times in the last 2 days I've changed my Set then went straight to FvF and each time my browser liocked up. I updated to new equipment set plugin right before i noticed the first time.
  15. Hardcore Toons

    Couldn't think of a better name name for the feature idea. I know it's very generic and if anyone has a better title I would welcome it. Would like to see a optional game mode where a toon is locked away from the players wealth and the market in general. No trades, no Mule. no storage, no account coin, no players shop etc. Would still be able to sell/recycle to shop/hobo and shop at nameless jack's. This would need some type of extra storage too and a separate reagent/mat storage. This would also come in handy for Kuests such as the lowest of the low event we had a few months ago. Since it would have no interaction would need some option to respec at some point.