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  1. had this idea for a while and wanted to share. I was thinking it'd be cool if you were a subscriber or paid a wish cost if you were able to grind in areas not controlled by your faction without penalty. so say i have this feature, i am knight and an area i want to grind at is controlled by legion but i can't seem to claim it. with this upgrade i can grind at a legion controlled area in my level range without the xp or drops penalty. it is as if i controlled. I was thinking that this is a nice benefit for players who are subscribers but for players who aren't subscribers they can still get this but at a wish cost. I was thinking maybe a player could pay a wish cost of 3 wishes per toon to have this feature even if they aren't a subscriber. Subscribers always get this feature for every toon and don't need to pay wishes for each toon. also maybe opening keys with this perk has no penalty either if you have this feature feedback?
  2. PVP lvls

    oops forgot to mention, with my idea to be able to sorta convert your pve xp to pvp xp you would need to spend coin or wishes on it, also it would only last for a limited time, maybe an hour at a time then you would either need to renew it again at a higher cost unless you wait a certain amount of time or you would need to wait a while before you can do it again, that way it doesn't overtake the other ways note: these are just numbers i am throwing around and are subject to change so for instance to grind pvp xp for 1 hour costs 2 wishes or 4 million gold, afterward you either are unable to grind for maybe 6 hours but can duel or conquer as usual or you can continue to grind but the cost doubles each time until you have canceled the upgrade or command and waited 6 hours
  3. PVP lvls

    one idea i had was the option, maybe a chat command or wish upgrade was you can for a period of time for a wish or coin cost change it so your pve xp is converted to pvp so you can grind as usual but gain pvp xp, not the best solution but it might work for when no one is around to fight or duel
  4. one thought that was suggested on help chat, could it be phoenix feathers instead? to represent doh rising from the ashes?
  5. Cannot play

    try playing on a different browser
  6. New Class Contest

    class name occultist Class description: the occultist deals with mysterious beings Class Lore: The occultist deals with otherworldly beings ,spirits, deities asking about powers, deals, information. items They walk a creepy and eerie path few dare walk between life and death daily. Affliction immunity panic attribute points per level 3 mnd 2 luck two non cooldown skills ectoplasma tangle: psi dmg attack with chance to entangle spiritualism: holy attack with chance to silence two passive skills dowsing increase mf, luck Hidden lore increase mnd, mp regen cooldown skill Unleashed apocalypse psi/holy dmg attack that causes entangle, silence, panic, 10 round cooldown
  7. mnd toons rework concept

    mnd toons are underused, there's no question about that, pow toons are easier to use, but what if there was a new concept on how they work? I propose a mind rework in the following ways 1. the different dmg multipliers are removed and combined into a new one called magic multi, the new reagent is called magic essence essence, no longer are you forced to enchant items every time you switch toons, magic multi works on all dmg types whether it's holy, psi ice etc, it covers all magic dmg just like how physi multis cover phys dmg whether it's melee or ranged This adds a improved current feature where dmg type is determined by skill more, so for example, you play a goblin necromancer, the necromancer has three new skills 1. death chill, does ice dmg, chance to freeze 2. spirit horror. does psi dmg, chance to panic 3. decaying death, does poi dmg currently with this you have to choose one attack only, but with this new concept you can choose all the attacks and invest in them if you want, this allows for more tactical decisions and encourages prestige more. so long story short, skill alone now determines dmg type, resists still work as before,skills that increase a dmg type multi might need reworking again 2. mnd should allow as it is increased to grant mp regen, i was thinking a weak regen like for every 1k mnd you get 0.5 mp regen, this makes affk easier 3. the strength of mp leech needs to be increased a fair amount, hp leech is fine as even a t1 can hold you but mnd toons needs a stronger one as mp is the basis for all their attacks 4. some mnd skills should be melee to make grinding easier
  8. was thinking, it'd be cool if you could have more rewards or incentive when you are not afk playing. I propose that a random event system be added to doh. what this is is when grinding or traveling from one area to another, every so often the player will have a random event. These events are optional to do like collecting m/r drops while grinding so you can safely ignore without issues. The events players can get vary but they all offer either xp, item rewards, coin or a boost if done successfully. All events have different outcomes and rewards depending on what is chosen as there is multiple choices fo players to choose from. the events are to add some extra fun into the game and rp. A fair amount of events contain funny references to pop culture here's a few possible examples. 1. you encounter a rabbit in the woods, do you a) approach and attempt to pet it, b) leave it alone and watch it c) kill it possible outcomes a) the rabbit flees, no reward, the rabbit bites, no reward, you pet it and get a fuzzy feeling, gain some xp, it turns into a killer bunny which you must fight or flee from, treated like a boss enemy b) nothing interesting happens, you watch it and learn the rabbit way, gain some xp, very rarely you learn how to bolt like a rabbit permanent +1 to agi c) you kill it, gain xp, it turns into killer rabbit boss, gain xp and possibly items 2. you encounter someone trapped in vines, do you a) free them b) mock them then leave c) kill them and take their stuff d) do the hokey pokey possible outcomes a) they reward with coin or items, they turn out to be a dangerous person and attack causing a boss fight, run off, no reward b) you feel amused, no effect, they get enraged, break free and attack you c) you get random item or coin and xp, free them by accident and cause a fight d) they get mad and wish to be left alone, they start doing it and get free, reward of coin or item so you get the idea, fun optional events which add new choices and also a little rp in doh
  9. kreate your own race kontest

    the winner is............... Azal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to everyone who participated
  10. kreate your own race kontest

    hi terrajacque here, with the race and classes update finishing up i thought for fun it might be fun to do a new kontest in this kontest you create a new race for doh, it can be as balanced and meant for gameplay as you want or as wild and silly as you wish, just have fun here's an idea of mine mummy immune to bleed skills treasures of death : increased coin Cursed fury: phys attack with chance to curse, cause fear slow but steady, increases pow, phys multi but lowers agi so you get the idea, winner of the kontest gets a cool prize, kontest ends oct 7
  11. STATurday!

  12. Constitution

    in alot of games end and life are the same thing, also if end is used so little we might as well combine it
  13. Treasure Pack fun