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  1. Contest Idea

    Could work. But, Kaun needs to get his shit together and actually follow through with his bullshit. 3 seperate occasions he's claimed to hold an event later that week, but nothing.
  2. Hello World

    Welcome to DoH. [KOA] is alright. They have Thy so they lose cool guild points. P.S Han Solo died in the last star trek.
  3. Yet Another Unofficial Player Guide

    on a gnome/pirate 8k pow 400multi is required to one shot everything, but ubers. Takes two hits for them.
  4. Requesting TP BOGO! Hella Bored

  5. [Auction] Nilla Mythical Gem c/o 200w

  6. What the title says
  7. [Auction] Nilla Mythical Gem c/o 200w

  8. [Auction] Nilla Mythical Gem c/o 200w

  9. it finally got me a MF back. thanks to you.
  10. I didn't mean it like that. I mean't the event isn't as important as a TP bogo.
  11. screw the event. add in a TP bogo. I want a myth mf backpiece.
  12. Too much effort for a rare gem. Nice concept though.
  13. DOH high memory usage

    the only ads you'll see are on the start menu which for me is non-existent. I use Cortana to easily search anything up and with desktop icons, no ads.
  14. DOH high memory usage

    Yep, Windows 10 is the bomb. If you can avoid the advertising up the ass they have then you'll be fine.
  15. DOH high memory usage

    That is hilarious. For the over night grind I use a 12 yr old PC, lol. Thank god for windows 10.