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  1. Universal Skill meaning it works exactly like Attack! and Rest, whereas it's on EVERY character regardless of race / class combination. So a Orc Rogue would have [Class]Savage Attack [Class]Tension [Class]Rage!! [Race] Slit [Race] Serrated Blades [Race] Nimble Fingers [Race] Discipline [Race] Shadow Strike [Universal] Attack! [Universal] Rest [Universal] Power [Universal] Luck [Universal] Experience Etcetera. It would be a bit clunky I suppose, adding 6 for each major stat (Mind / Luck / Power...) then 7 for damage types (Fire, Ice, Lightning...) then 4 more for Exp, MF, and HP/MP Leech...A total of 17 skills in all, compared to our current 10 on all toons. At any rate it would help players shy away from the cookie-cutter builds a bit more, alleviate the pain of a poorly chosen class / race combination for new players, and finally give veterans a reason to prestige other than bragging rights or a cooldown skill they hardly ever use. Though the idea is for the "Universal Skills" as I call them is to be severely less appetizing as their race / class counterparts. (If a Race skill gives you 2% Power, I think the Universal should grant 1%.) so choosing a specific class / race to suit your playstyle or intended build is a lot easier, and you can pick and choose if a few skills don't quite mesh on one build vs another.
  2. (Wed 10:46pm) [KOA] foob Tilared: (whispered to you) i still think guilds should have perks...lvling up guild is worthless...why not give 5%extra mf at lvl 50 or something (Wed 10:56pm) [FK] Braindrain Roo: (whispered to foob Tilared) I like that idea, throw that up on my post too, that'd be nice to see. Use the experience gained as a currency to purchases guild-wide upgrades
  3. I do believe this was talked about before (at least on the development side of things) and I think I downvoted it before, but thinking back that was stupid. So in the spirit of custom characters, and limitless possibilities, with the skill update it still seems that some race / class builds are still limited to a select few being the cream of the crop. Therefore it would be nice if we had "Universal" Skills for all Classes that are weaker than their Class / Race specific counterparts, but could make a load of difference for newer players with less gear, and on the flip side for veteran players they could find some more use in prestiging by gaining more utility out of their character. I was thinking instead of the 30% Ratio of T3 Enchant:Skill Strength Rosemourne implemented with the newest skillset (I think that was the baseline.) The skills would instead be a flat 1% to the big 6 base stats (Mind, Power, Agility, Endurance, Life, and Luck). Then on top of that we could do a 1% Magic Find, 3% Experience, 2% Damage Multipliers, 1% Damage Resists, 1% Affliction Cause, and .1% HP/MP Leech. For simplicity, we could say you have a Gnome Pirate, you got your bread and butter skills in Falchions, your 2 MF Skills and your 2 Luck skills. Say you've prestiged a few times and are level 80/80/12, which means you've each skill capped. Well, you could go for another 35 grueling prestige levels to get a level 35 Cooldown skill, but as a magic find character, that doesn't really benefit you much. (Limited utility against Ubers, maybe, but is that really worth the hassle? I think not.) At any rate, this could give players an incentive to keep prestiging to get those extra boosts, both new players and vets alike would benefit strongly, as well as remove some of the distaste for "unfavorable" classes/race combos new players tend to make.
  4. Roo, I sent you an email regarding a complaint raised by Xanile. Let me know when you have time to talk about it. Thanks.

  5. Several Badges not showing

    Going Postal and "Prestigious" don't have icons. Prestige ones work if they're class / race specific (i.e. Gnome mastery, Rogue mastery, etc.), or at least I've come to learn most do. Artificer may not work because of being a new class, a slight oversight.
  6. I'm banned

    You were removed for 24 hours for using PVP functions after having a 2-day PVP ban applied to you, and told verbally you were having a 2 day timer placed on you. If a mysterious bug was the root of the PVP ban lifting itself, that's one thing, but you openly lied to me about conquering lands despite me telling you that you were banned indefinitely from PVP activities for two days. You've been removed from the game entirely for 24 hours for your actions.
  7. Updating Avatar Bug

    Had something similar happen before, did you already have a pre existing custom avatar before? Sometimes it will confuse the game and try to load both.
  8. In game bug

    Daughter has T-Ball practice not long after I'm out of work tonight, but afterwards I'll try to make myself available when you're generally active so I can get the details and forward them along.
  9. New Class Contest

    Class Name Tinkerer Class Description The Tinkerer is a master of recycling and rebuilding, able to find a use for any sort of scrap laying around. Class Lore Curious since birth, any tinkerer has always had a nagging of sensation of "how does this work?" As such, they've learned how to fully deconstruct and reconstruct items with the least amount of resources possible, a true master of their craft. They also make some nifty inventions, as well! One Affliction Immunity Trap Distribution of Five Attribute Points per Level 1 Power 1 Mind 1 Endurance 2 Luck Two Non-Cooldown Active Skills Wicked Wrench: Slam the enemy hard with a wrench, chance to confuse. (1.20x 1% chance) Acetylene Torch: Burn your enemies with a torch that burns hot enough to cut through solid metals! Heavy Fire Damage (1.25x) Two Passive Skills Resourceful: Increase materials gained from recycling and reduce material upgrade costs by 2.5% / skill level, Passively pick up resource drops from monster kills. Penny Pincher: Really learn how to balance your budget! Adds +10 flat coin / skill level One Cooldown Active Skill Tinkerer's Timebomb: Construct a powerful explosive device with nearby junk. Deals heavy Physical and Fire damage, with a chance to cause bleed and paralyze. (8 Round Cooldown, 1.35 Physical 1.35 Fire 1% Chance Bleed / Paralyze)
  10. Has anyone tried to get numbers when NO Faction controls an area? Say someone forgot to claim after fighting?
  11. Time Stamps on chat

    I love you Charm, with all my heart!
  12. A Noob's Video Guide

    I was hesitant to add the first video so soon because I wanted to finish the series prior to advertising it, but one of our players seems to have found it before I was ready! I will slowly add the videos to this series as I progress! Here is the first video for "A Noob's Guide! How to Play Domain of Heroes.' Episode One: How to create your account and first character.
  13. Unofficial reference document

    This is the most amazing thing ever in the history of DoH. You ought to be commended this is beautiful.
  14. Time Stamps on chat

    Would love to see a server time based clock above the chat, and a timestamp placed before players text so I can finally stop replying to conversations / questions answered 8+ hours ago Anything as simple as [8:32:14 CST] [DoL] Nathan Ruane: Wow time stamps would be amazing.
  15. subbing in gear (pvp)

    Not to mention that in a lot of defends, time is of the essence with big hitters. I'll frequently join a fight in my MF gear and then switch to my PVP set to ensure anyone else joining the fight for my faction won't get one shotted and lose the territory I could easily win the contention over. Not to mention the fact that being locked into your gear would have made progressing in the PVP tournament impossible because of stalemates. Being able to strip down gear made the winner of a match very clear. I think if anything changing armor should result in a one round loss of action, if that's even possible, but as it stands it doesn't harm anything by allowing it.