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  1. Several Badges not showing

    But that is my Point! These Badges dont have icons, so you "gain" the "badge", but have no way of actually wearing or showing it. I am aware of gender specific masteries, those work fine (except artificer for reasons i suspect to be the same as you have pointed out). --> My point is: Add those icons! Cannot be too hard a job and some of the prestige ones realy look awesome, so i'd love to show them with pride. Especially cause it's in fact a much bigger accomplishment to reach, say, Prestige 20 (yes that gives a badge, the best so far) than to "just" max a class/race once.
  2. Several Badges not showing

    Some of the badges do not show. I assume missing images or not-implemanted scaled down versions of the images? To be more specific: The Badge shows in my collection in the options menu, but if i select it the preview field just stays blank and if updated the chat also shows no badge at all. From the badges i own this is true for: Going Postal All the Prestige ones so far Slaughterhouse Also, the Artificer Class seems to not be unlocking a badge for it's mastery yet; I know it's a new class but doesnt hur letting you know. Cheers; Likkle
  3. UI Tweaks - Donate to Guild

    Pretty simple, i would like the plugin UI Tweaks to add an option to have a button appear next to the drops in the log, similar to the ones like "Sell to Hobo", etc., with the option to donate to guild! Is that possible/easy?
  4. Flat vs Percent enchants

    Thank you for the update!
  5. Flat vs Percent enchants

    First of all, thanks for this post and the work that went into it. Tried (!) something similar in excel just now before i found this post, saved me a lot of time! Maybe i am missing something, but isn't the value for the T3 %Stat enchant 5.375% (5,4% is shown ingame)? Your Script and table suggest you used 5,7 instead. I have no clue how to run that script to get the results myself, but if i got nothing wrong, i'd love to see an update with the results Cheers LL