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  1. Welcome to the DOH family !!
  2. Looks like I managed to "fix" the problem. Should be able to squeeze more life out of it for a bit more
  3. Great, thanks Charm
  4. Than Thanks for the info! I really think its just because my laptops too old really lol
  5. My laptop has problems with the power so I will only be hopping on and off until I decide if Im going to fork out for a new one. Using my phone in the meantime
  6. No biggie about the checking of it since I can see how that would be tricky. For an organisation freak like me though I think sorting things by date would be generally helpful
  7. Is it possible to sort by the newest item additions? Think it may be easier sometimes to find things you lost. Oh and sometimes I accidently move the whole mule to storage (I know..) and then I have to re-select them individually to get back out ^^;
  8. Sorry the prev proposal was too long, and I dont understand the formulas above. I tried but, maths really puts me to sleep. Can you put into laymans terms (not just for me, for the developers if they were to implement) why changing the requirement levels will mean less overall pvp levels to do?
  9. Yes I dont think grinding VXP will become integrated since it nulls the principle of what PVP is about i.e fighting other people. Flesh's training dummy idea is interesting, and could provide an alternate solution. The other thing about meagre VXP on defeated conquer though, not sure why the number is so much lower than a defend. Generally though, I think most VXP gained is nowhere near enough in FvF for the purposes of gaining PVP levels.
  10. I do agree that PVP levels are too arduous too level. Doing it via insta-duel is also seems a bit of a meaningless way to go about it. I would prefer FVF to give alot more than it does now (alooot lot more). Insta could also do with removing the cap and correspond to whatever experience % you have.
  11. Oh right yeah, wasn't on the same wavelength
  12. Dont see why both couldn't have to happen simultaneously.....
  13. I thought the Grease representative of "grease money" and the wood is representative of paper. There is the paper material I guess but maybe wood is more readily available...
  14. Definitely feeling this effect every time I get a full mule....