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  1. reagent conversion with sub

    I think Roo raised this issue and it got fixed, but then again I think alot of subs problems havent got fixed to be honest.
  2. getting spammed with system message

    I have no idea sorry. Looks like something the devs need to look at.
  3. getting spammed with system message

    Usually happens when I click the return key. Any idea if your doing it by accident?
  4. Introduce "Universal" Skills

    Sounds good! More dimensions to the builds, which I do agree is still not equal across class and races.
  5. Introduce "Universal" Skills

    I like a universal boost to skills and upgrades. I think Dook a while ago also suggested loot boosts happening gamewide. How is your first post work as a universal upgrade though?
  6. Found one of the past posts in the subscription ideas. It was also raised again before subs was in place but because it might reduce the little fvf action that we had it was decided not to implement it.
  7. I suggested this a while ago and pretty sure it was vetoed. Dont remember why.
  8. Hello World

    Welcome to the DOH family !!
  9. Will be in and out

    Looks like I managed to "fix" the problem. Should be able to squeeze more life out of it for a bit more
  10. By Date in sorter

    Great, thanks Charm
  11. DOH high memory usage

    Than Thanks for the info! I really think its just because my laptops too old really lol
  12. Will be in and out

    My laptop has problems with the power so I will only be hopping on and off until I decide if Im going to fork out for a new one. Using my phone in the meantime
  13. By Date in sorter

    No biggie about the checking of it since I can see how that would be tricky. For an organisation freak like me though I think sorting things by date would be generally helpful
  14. By Date in sorter

    Is it possible to sort by the newest item additions? Think it may be easier sometimes to find things you lost. Oh and sometimes I accidently move the whole mule to storage (I know..) and then I have to re-select them individually to get back out ^^;
  15. PVP lvls

    Sorry the prev proposal was too long, and I dont understand the formulas above. I tried but, maths really puts me to sleep. Can you put into laymans terms (not just for me, for the developers if they were to implement) why changing the requirement levels will mean less overall pvp levels to do?