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  1. WTB Legendary gear for the following slots that has T4 multiply experience for level 60. Shoulders, Back, Weakhand, Ammo, Pocket, Mouth, Neck, Chest, Wrist, Arms, Finger Contact me here or in game: Han Solo Thanks Edit: Still looking. Edit: Bump
  2. last peson post

    Send it my way.
  3. Hello World

    Hello all, Thank You for the great community and excellent game! I have been holding off on making this post until I was sure I wanted to stick around and keep playing. I have thoroughly been enjoying learning about the game and meeting the people who play it. And it's such a perfect game for me to play while I'm at work. [KoA] Has been super kind to me as I am a Knight. I plan to continue being a knight on any future characters as well. So if we bump into one another know that I don't have hard feelings but I can become consumed in a min/maxing mentality that sometimes comes off rude. And in all honesty I have not met one bad egg in the community. Really is a tight welcoming fan base on this game. Hopefully others come to see this as well. So thank you again for allowing me to enjoy DoH and afk along side you. ps. I like gifs.
  4. Unofficial reference document

    +1 for this document. It has a TON of basic information. I recommend it to every new player I meet. All that information compiled into one document is awesome!