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  1. The Return of Sithis

    Hey there, I started a month ago, and I'm loving the game so far. The one drawback I guess would be the small active community but I guess as I progress that I will start to miss involved devs. more and more. I just wanted to say that I hope this ends well, and that I will see you in-game in the future. Thanks for making an effort!
  2. Equipment Advice

    Thank you for the reply. Do you think it is feasible to get T6-T8 (over 2 slots) for each piece of gear (POW, LUK or MF) before starting to use rare gems?
  3. Equipment Advice

    Hey there, You may have seen me in game as Stokesey, or Amn just starting out. I have played the game for approximately three weeks and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience, both the game play and the interaction with yourselves, this tight friendly little community. Anywho, I have made an MF toon, reached level 78 and once I have settled in my first "real" MF set (hopefully that will allow me to grind at 80) I am looking to plan for an upgrade. My first "real" MF set basically consists of legend/myth pieces with T4 POW or LUK enchants (single enchantment per piece). I am also able to socket nota gems without NFEs (and 4 unc gems with T1-T3 POW/LUK%). In addition I have approx. 25 unc and 25 nota charms without NFEs. What should I look to upgrade, to get the most "bang for my buck" so to speak? Is it easier to get T6 on the equipment, to get better charms or to use the same equipment/charms but with rare gems instead? Please try to be as specific as you can. I am only looking to upgrade if it is "worth" it from an MF-grinding point of view. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have details on the different Aritifcer skills, e.g. increase x%/skill level? Cheers, Stokesey
  5. A Noob's Guide To: Magic Find Characters

    Hi there, Thank you for a very interesting and helpful guide! I acctually started an Orc Rogue as my first toon a couple of days ago, but decided to also start a Gnome Artificer (was told this would be the "best" (i.e. most specialized) toon)) to see how far I got. If I cannot make it all the way on the Gnome, yet, I will continue to build the Orc. Having said that, I was wondering if you could give me some information on the Gnome, like what skills to focus on and how far to go with physical resistance? Other than physical resistance, I assume all attribute points goes into Luck? Many thanks, Stokesey EDIT: I was given some very helpful information in this regard in game, so no need spend time on this matter for my sake.