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  1. Drawings & Doodles

    Hello everyone,as no one has posted in this section yet allow me to say welcome Now that that's over with please feel free to post anything you have drawn,be it a doodle or a drawing. The picture I am posting I just finished this very morning,may you all enjoy it,or ya know poke fun ;P
  2. I am available from 1pm to 7pm central standard time
  3. TreeloverMalca shall join.Kobold/Druid for the Brotherhood! Thanks Miaow just noticed because of you
  4. Raid Bosses

    I am terrible at explaining myself it seems lol.What i meant by a new boss every week was that a set number of bosses be made say 7 for a whole week,then set them on either a predetermined rotation or a random rotation sequence so as to not need to manually change them.I like all the ideas so far,as to eoth's idea i believe dohria wide would be easiest to implement as to make bosses faction specific would require more bosses to be created so each faction would have its own unique raids.
  5. Raid Bosses

    I usually refrain from posting ideas i have on here,but here goes.I would love to see a raid boss feature,maybe a new boss every week or so.Give the bosses massive health pools,decently high attack,and either drops you cant receive elsewhere or maybe drops that are rare otherwise be it charms,dual stat equipment or gems.The rewards should be tiered based on the amount of damage dealt by the individual player,and a leaderboard for it would also be cool