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  1. Magical Giveaway #1

    I'm still unable to locate you in-game, Cat What day/time might you be available to claim your reward?
  2. Unban me now.

    Man, MMO etiquette rule #1: demanding to be unbanned and insisting your innocence doesn't make the moderators want to unban you. Screenshots of what happened, if something really unfair happened, might work, but "Unban me now" won't work. Just stop swearing when you come back, and you won't be banned again. Oh, and don't argue with mods. I know from experience, it only ends in pain.
  3. Magical Giveaway #1

    Hey there folks! This Saturday, I will be giving away a secret item or amount of wishes/coin to a lucky player! The only requirements to qualify are: 1. You must post here 2. You must not have a benefactor level higher than rare (the $10 level) 3. You must not have a relaunch icon on your account in-game. In other words, new players who could use a little something to make their time more productive/enjoyable. I will pick randomly from the players that post here, and will try to run this weekly. No guarantees, but I will try! Good luck, Dohrians!
  4. Prices I see

    Focused rune keys go for a lot more than unfocused, and that's just one problem lol. Myth charms for 200w? You post some speculations and opinions such as "they should be worth this" in here, and then claim that speculation ruins the economy, and you're just posting what you've seen things go for. (You're not the first to keep track of that btw.) You also mention in the nilla epic gem price, that you were given one for free - as if that is an actual determining factor of their cost. Obviously you were given a very nice gift. That has nothing to do with their price. Some people have brought it up to me in the 10 minutes I've been back, that you've been hurting the market somehow with this guide. I can see that you are not, in fact, learning how the market works, you're merely posting anecdotes of what happened and demanding the market reflect that, and labeling other price guide attempts as "dangerous" because they don't follow what you want. That is ludicrous. Orion and I have talked about prices a lot before, he's pretty good at them and I am half-decent, I have been keeping track of a few large purchases or hard-to-value auctions to see where they fall; that doesn't mean I'm going to post saying "that's what they're worth now guys!" It was one instance. I really think working with other players on a price guide, and not slamming other players' attempts at it just because it doesn't match what you want, would be wiser. Another edit: Who is demanding refund keys over focused keys, for master treasure keys? Citation needed.
  5. Amazon, Assassin, Bard

    Oh. No worries about time and updates and stuff, we all have stuff happen in RL that dictates our time And the new skills sound pretty cool, thanks for letting us know that skills are actually getting buffed to make them more worthwhile. The heal skill, yeah... I guess I just won't bother with it. It might be useful for a support character though? I dunno.
  6. Amazon, Assassin, Bard

    Not sure how I feel about bards losing the holy/poison resistance, they are mechanically still magical attacks after all. In exchange for losing holy/poison resistance we get... A cooldown low-power healing skill. That's kind of useless lol. Maybe slightly less useless if we can also target ourselves and get double healing. It really depends on what "low" means for that skill. At a certain point in pvp, people do many hundreds of damage to each other, some people even do thousands - HPR already caps at 500 and it requires a massive enchantment investment. What will this heal skill do? What is the power based on, just the skill level, or also our MND? If it's based on MND that would be interesting - 5% of your MND would be really nice, and divide it between the target and yourself - 2.5% of your MND healed for each. That would be actually worth using. But then how does the skill level play into it..? Maybe 0.1% of your MND, per skill level, for target and yourself, for the amount healed? So if it's level 40 because of some +Bard items, you'd heal yourself and your target for HP equal to 4% of your total MND. That would be useful with a small cooldown, in some fights - maybe. High level pvp still involves thousands of damage, really. It's hard to figure out how this would be useful, and also justify losing HLY and POI resistance from our skill.
  7. how did you find doh

    Found DoH when randomly browsing for games to waste time with when I was younger, probably 7 years ago or so. A bit over 7 years I think. It's been a while. I came back after relaunch. I enjoy the fact that I don't have to spend tons of time on the game; I can, but I don't have to. Makes it easier to balance academics, work, and my significant other.
  8. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    Entry: The Hypnotoad, Bullfrog/Illusionist, Legion
  9. Best MF Sale Ever

    61w on legs, 31w on chest.
  10. The Faces of DoH [Player Picture Thread]

    Me and my girlfriend, just before she went to work later that day. She's got her BSN and works 12-hour shifts in a hospital and I'm super proud of her
  11. I have 2 heroic nilla mythical charms, 30 nilla rare gems, and 35 rare charms. The rare charms vary between: MND AGI LIF LUK and of course, vanilla. I am looking for legendary charms. MND, AGI, LIF, and END, or vanilla, and preferably no more than 2 NFE's per charm (this probably excludes most benefactor charms, I realize.) I need some enchantment slots. I also take wishes for items. 350w per nilla myth, 13w per nilla rare, NFE rares are negotiable. 4w per nilla rare gem.
  12. Magic's Cross-Game Trading Thread

    Hello! I currently have the following games I have items and wealth in: Runescape (moderate wealth, dragon armor, godsword, some limited edition items) Dead Frontier (extremely rich, limited edition items, etc., entire account or individual items/cash is for trade) I'll be willing to discuss trading items from any of the above games, for DoH st00f.
  13. FvF death timer

    Can we please make it so that if you die in FvF, you don't just rejoin the same fight within a minute? That's just frustrating.
  14. Faction vs Faction Event

    I'm going with what is now my only character, my bard I Sing Magic, for the knights. I'm available from 8 AM to 12 AM, any day until Monday the 20th, PST timezone (GMT - 7).
  15. Collect Kuest by The Knome

    I have found magic! I have the complete Mithril set, for a mythical charm. Also, Finder, hate to say it... Those have to all be heroic.