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  1. UI Tweaks - Donate to Guild

    Will add it to my list of things to add, no eta however, as I've not really been that into coding of late.
  2. Chat-box and tabs

    No, I left it out because I think it's fine where it is
  3. Chat-box and tabs

    A bit quick and crude, might need to design entirely new tabs to make this look any kind of decent.
  4. Chat-box and tabs

    I must have missed the two-line part, I'll make us a mockup and see how that'd look, not entirely sold on the idea myself, as for chat, I don't mind it being hidden on certain tabs, leaves you more room for what's on the tab itself.
  5. Chat-box and tabs

    There is pretty much no way all of those would fit in the current UI layout, there have been talk of some consolidation of the tabs and moving of certain buttons etc that would help this issue a bit.
  6. Fusion Kuest

    A request from Bliss to help him more quickly process your fusions please avoid renaming your items (or keep the base name as part of it), makes it much faster to find the correct icon etc.
  7. Chrome "Aw snap" tab crash, out of memory

    Ty you finding and 'hopefully' patching this, kind of a nasty oversight
  8. FvF Domination II

    Please consider sharing the current day-to-day and end of event stats with the participating/winning factions. 1. The players would (probably) be much more motivated to participate if they knew their current standings as compared to the other factions 2. Divvying out the keys at the end of the event would be made much easier if 'end of event' stats were released either publicly or to the winning factions PM.
  9. FvF Domination II

    Keys have been recovered and handed back to the Knights proper
  10. A Simple Idea

    I worry about the level of automation that might add.
  11. UITweaks

    Working on re-doing the options layout entirely, this will be included then, plus colors.. oh so many colors
  12. UITweaks

    When I say Inventory I'm talking about the whole Tab, not the individual sections. Unfortunately the way it's built it may not be easy/possible to do cleanly.
  13. UITweaks

    Screenshot section, to help you better understand what each module does HP, MP, Exp and Vxp bar fix Before: After: Enabling this will reduce the font-size of the entire stat list section (includes your name and levels) without which the numbers would print onto the divider to their right. Quest Helper: Clicking on the name of the quest will return you to the NPC in question Alternate Global Loot Boost graphic: Replaces the bottle of purple liquid
  14. PvEMakeover

    Finally fixed the issue causing the newer monster images to not show up, apologies for missing it while I was messing around in the code last time.
  15. Unban me now.

    Given the direction this 'discussion' is taking I have decided to lock it. As for an non filtered chat-room this post may fulfil your needs, so go show your support on there if you feel the game needs this option.