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  1. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    hmm. if the start date has been delayed ill need a rain check until we have a decided date as ill be at work sunday through to Wednesday
  2. The DoH Quest

    Chapter Two - Tower of Daedantus I headed north to Crystalis from the Inn. Eager to earn some money as i was aware i had not eaten for days i marched through trees until i hit a place called crystal clearing. It was not long until i had to draw out my blade. Two horned screamers barred my path. I had a choice to make. I could either fight my way through or run back the way i came empty handed and i had not even reached the tower full of necromancers yet. I searched for the courage inside me and and charged the creatures barring my path. The creatures more terrifying in looks than actions fell back and shrieked. High pitched sound pierced my ears deafening me. My hand and arms lashed out in pain. The sword arm flailing with involuntary movements the screams stopped one by one. I regained my senses and saw blood on my blade. My instant reaction was to check my body but i appeared unscathed apart from a splitting headache. The horned screamers lay silent in front of me both of their necks slit. I cleaned my blade on one of their corpses and headed forward. With haste i left the corpses behind seeing a tower in the distance i rushed forward eager to finish the quest and get some food in my belly. Not after long the Tower of Daedantus stood before me. It was a eerie sight. The Tower built by the one true dark mage himself, or rather by the army of hobgoblins that he hypnotized into building for him was no doubt once a place of dark power. When the Dyrad enslaved his army, Daedantus was presumably trapped within his tower, where it was rumored he starved to death. I remember hearing the story and it made perfect sense why some necromancers are practicing the dark art here. I new i had to be careful armed only with a sword i decided to take a less direct approach and steal the gems under there noses before they even new i was there. I crept inside the tower and headed up the cold and damp spiral staircase. I reached a small door half way up and decided to investigate. I walked slowly down the short corridor and reached a room with snoring echoing from it. I peaked my head through the door and there they were. Two green gems on the bedside cabinet. I crept over as quietly as i could and took each gem one by one and into my pouch. I slipped back out and ran down the staircase and into the forest making my way back to the inn. When i got back to Laurinara's Hearth Grelaria was still sleeping by the fireplace. As I approach Grelaria's eye's open and she asks if i have her gems. I detach the pouch from my belt with the gems intact and hand them over. Grelaria smiles and said " Very good! That was very Quick, and your not dead. It appears my judgement proves me right again. Here is your coin well earned." Grelaria winks "Now if your interested in more work i have plenty to offer but first go get yourself some food and visit the shop for some clothing or anything you may need then come back and speak to me. I'm sure we can both help each other out further. I thanked Grelaria and made my way to the innkeeper to order some food and a bed for the day. It was time a got myself some well earned rest.
  3. The DoH Quest

    Chapter One - Laurinara's Hearth After traveling for some Time I slowly made my way up a winding path. Arms crossed over and tight against my chest, dressed in nothing but tacky old leather armor and rags I catch the smell of smoke in the near distance. My slow and steady steps form into a steady jog as the rain pours down around me and the lighting strikes the distant ground. After some time I eventually found myself standing outside an inn, without hesitation I head inside to seek shelter from the raging storm outside. I took little notice of my surroundings too cold and tired to care i pull a stool over to the large fireplace, shaking rainwater off my rugged clothes and armor in a feeble effort to dry off. As what felt like the entire night in those first few moments infront of the fireplace i began to dry off. Out of nowhere a firm hand clasps my shoulder "Sorry friend, but you're going to have to wait the storm out elsewhere," growls the burly innkeeper. Suddenly a rough voice booms out "Back off, Antoine" It was then that i felt the innkeepers hand relax. "She's with me." The Inn keeper moved back to the bar and i turn to see a young olive-skinned half Orc woman giving the innkeeper an icy gaze. Her raven-colored hair clung to her face in damp curls, and appeared to be as soaked through as i am. The half-orc pulled up a stool and sat beside me and began wringing her hair dry and warming herself by the fire. "Name's Grelaria, Grelaria Hilathos. Saw you on the road several miles back. I was hoping to talk to you...do you have a name?" It took me a few moments to reply "Qax Gonreg but please just call me Qax." Grelaria smiled. "Ah very nice to meet you Qax. Havent seen too many kobolds around here. Thought we could help each other out." Grelaria began to look me over then, and after what appeared to be a satisfactory evaluation she nodded. "I like you. You're a fighter i can sense it, just like me. You see i could use your help and it looks like you need some yourself. You see north of here lies the Tower of Daedantus. Full of necromancers that carry very useful gems. If you go there, bring me back two of their necrogems and ill give you 250 doherians. Deal? After some thought and my very conscious awareness of how light my purse was i agreed to help Grelaria out. She never said much else after that, instead smiled in acceptance of my agreement and pulled up next to the fire getting comfy and drifted off asleep. Once the storm passed and daylight came up i headed out in search of this Tower of Daedantus.
  4. The DoH Quest

    Follow me on this journey of epic proportions as we tell the story of the female kobold Qax Gonreg a Kobold Rogue. All in character meetings will be recorded. That means if you see Qax in game wither it be in chat or in FvF you will be part of this story. All gear required will be of a PURE nature. Nothing will be bought ill also not be power leveling or power questing. Ill be treating this as a story of a character and i would be honored if you role play with me when you see me in game. This will purely be a couple hours a day and over time the story not only about my character but of DoH as a whole will grow. Maybe even a few tournaments for the giggles. Keep tuned as the story will start soon.
  5. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    or through further thought a 20/20 nekkid tournament with no gear or runes and the current worked on gear can be used once fixes have been made and there has been nothing wasted.
  6. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    May i suggest that to avoid further issues with the socketing problems and to give new players a fair chance that socketing is forbidden and re evaluated when there is a fix? This will not be a popular point to address however, and it would in fact cripple my socketed set i have already however i dont mind if it gives new players a fighting chance plus it would make it more fun in my opinion. /me braces for impact.
  7. Squirrel, Skeleton, Troll Racials

    fleshless changed to re animate with X rounds regens X% hpr?
  8. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    In reguard to the new found info on Team captains and choosing teams. I'd like to create and Alt toon for possible use for more...Team strategy purposes In regards to best of 3 i think its a good idea however this could be time consuming as average dmg i forsee will be about 20-40 per turn per toon which could result in being very time consuming and long winded. However would be a great idea and i like the above ideas
  9. Sometimes Diapers can get messy. Remember your paper towels for your full grinding needs. #‎DOH
  10. As you enter Laurinara's Hearth, you cast a glance across the occupants of the inn. Your eyes rest on a shadowy form of dentures lurking in the corner. ‪#‎DOH‬
  11. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    Entry: Legion, Skeleton / Dark Knight , Legion
  12. Faction vs Faction Event

    Not yet Mia trying to get a hold of everyone to arrange a time that suits all is hard when im not on at all hours just now.
  13. Faction vs Faction Event

    Noted Flesh once i have everyone's preferred dates in ill try my best to find a date suitable to everyone however in the circumstance i cant it will need to be a majority rule. Fingers crossed i can facilitate it for everyone.
  14. Faction vs Faction Event

    Faction Vs Faction Can everyone on the names below leave a message to say if the time and date i have selected suits them. In the event it does not suit them please leave a message with an alternative date that suits you. Iko Para Rauko Qhemical Roo Miaow - 25th/26th Uggs Sithy (The Wall) Gallandof Eotheod IFindMagic Deadpool Rosemourne - 1700 25th June FiNdEr Fizban Flexx DemonicOne - 1700 25th June Fleshy - 26th
  15. Faction vs Faction Event

    Would Saturday 25th be more suitable at the same time?