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  1. reagent conversion with sub

    bump anyone else tried?
  2. getting spammed with system message

    Noticed that when I log in, select the toon and I wait for plugins to load Chrome gets a pop-up blocked notification. Tried allowing pop-up but its only about:blank.
  3. reagent conversion with sub

    I have a subscription which should make reagent conversion at max 20:1 yet when i try for example to convert 1000 instead it converts 1250, but at the correct rate: Converted 1250 19th Century Poems to 62 Luck Orbs but why does it increase the amount i want to convert to higher?! material conversion works alright Converted 1000 Threads of Silk to 50 Stones
  4. getting spammed with system message

    Any idea if it could be any of the plugins? Doubt any of them do something with purchase cart tho..
  5. getting spammed with system message

    nop, no clicking
  6. Help me please, I'm getting spammed by "Purchase Link: PayPal URL for cart purchase" (see image) and it always changes to info tab so its super annoying. For ex. I tried stripping an item (or mby smth else can't remember what exactly it was) and it spammed that message after each click. Can you imagine how annoying that was.. But its happening everyday everywhere. Tried clearing cookies but didn't help.
  7. WTB t1% exp rare/epic shoulders/pocket/mouth/neck/waist/finger WTB rare t2% exp shoulders/neck/finger WTB rare t3%+ exp shoulders/back/wh/ammo/pocket/mouth/eyes/neck/chest/wrist/arms/waist/hands/finger/feet WTB epic t4% exp back/pocket/neck/waist/finger WTB lege t4% exp eyes/ PM me on Armux or leave here a msg with yr ign ill try to catch ya
  8. PVP lvls

    I like the game and the best part of it is being afk. Played a lot and never managed to get pvp level to 80. It takes so much time even if u get someone to die to u.. How about an alternate way of getting the levels? Maybe let exp after reaching lvl 80 go to pvpexp with some penalty/no exp equips working/no boost or make a training room when u can train.. anyone has any ideas? I'd love smth to be done about this. This would bring some fun rebirthing and lvling again.
  9. Collect Kuest by The Knome

    Got stuck at 23/24 lege luk set so here's my myth set ss, hard to catch knome online
  10. WTT rare charm

    So I have a rare charm: T2%MND + (T2+T3)MF with an extra enchant of T3 lightning dmg multi in there, which could be rly useful for mage with lightning spells making it like a epic charm ^^ Looking for a similar rare charm enchanted with T5MF+ %pow or like a T5MF and some coins/w