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  1. WTB t1% exp rare/epic shoulders/back/pocket/mouth/neck/waist/finger WTB rare t2% exp shoulders/ammo/head/neck/wrist/waist/finger WTB rare t3%+ exp shoulders/back/wh/ammo/pocket/mouth/head/eyes/neck/chest/wrist/arms/waist/hands/finger/feet WTB epic t4% exp back/wh/pocket/eyes/neck/waist/finger WTB lege t4% exp eyes/lege t3%+ exp% finger PM me on Armux or leave here a msg with yr ign ill try to catch ya update: WTS 5 epic gems nilla (except 1 kinda~ t1%mnd) > wanted coinz only
  2. I like the game and the best part of it is being afk. Played a lot and never managed to get pvp level to 80. It takes so much time even if u get someone to die to u.. How about an alternate way of getting the levels? Maybe let exp after reaching lvl 80 go to pvpexp with some penalty/no exp equips working/no boost or make a training room when u can train.. anyone has any ideas? I'd love smth to be done about this. This would bring some fun rebirthing and lvling again.
  3. Got stuck at 23/24 lege luk set so here's my myth set ss, hard to catch knome online
  4. So I have a rare charm: T2%MND + (T2+T3)MF with an extra enchant of T3 lightning dmg multi in there, which could be rly useful for mage with lightning spells making it like a epic charm ^^ Looking for a similar rare charm enchanted with T5MF+ %pow or like a T5MF and some coins/w