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  1. noob tag

    my kontest idea is to make a toon and llevel it up to 5/10 you will then gamble for 50 and use those item to equip (you can not use items from oter toons) then all will engage in a 3 wan FvF
  2. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    ENTY NOTE: RACE: zombie CLASS: hunter FACTION: knights NAME: the champion i will destroy you all, mwahahaha
  3. i invite all of you to join my guild. we are dedicated to helping all players: old and new. just post a message and i will ininvite you
  4. No to grandfathering in

    i wwould love this… untuntil i got hihigh llevel
  5. The Lowest of the Lowest 3v3 Tournament

    can we add jaguar ninja
  6. i got two words for you: "buff potions"
  7. post hear how you discovered domain of heroes. p.s. i found it though a wikipedia article.
  8. last peson post

    the last persont to post on hear and not be responded to will win 20,000 coin

    well if you havent played in a while thre is a good chance the u missed expert mode and the moon lord (finle boss)
  10. Alternative Skill Rebalancing...

    look good .will it affect curcurrent toons
  11. Step by Step guide to socketing

    now you can only socket gems and runs. not charms

    general terraria discuss
  13. vote for blockwizard

    blockwizard will make DoH great again!!!
  14. creating a custom bag with itembags

    hi, this is a guide to teach you how to make your own item filter with itembags. what is itembags you may ask, it is one of the player created plugins or mods. so the first thing you need to do is go to options and look at the plugin list and scroll down it until you see the option "itembags" then check the box. now go to your toon selection and reselect your toon. when you come back online you should see a message in white on your infobord that says "itembags loding" now go to your inventory and you should see a small bag icon in the top left corner. select this icon and it will open a window in the middle of the screen. in this window it should show a option in the top right corner that says "make new bag". once you select this button it should show you the option to name your bag, for this tutorial we will name it good stuff. one you have named your bag you will have noticed a check box that say auto fill, you need to check this box. in this guide we will be make ind a bag that filters out just rare normal items. so first select make new rule, a drop down menu will appear. it will be already set to filter item quality so open the middle menu and select equal to of greater then. then open the right hand menu and select rare. now next to the make new rule box you will see one labeled "and" select this box and then click make new rule. for this new rule you will need to change the left hand box to item quality then as before set the middle menu to equal to or greater then and finally set the right box to normal. now look at the top right corner and select safe/restore. thats it youv done it, give your self a pat obn the back because… you just made your own custom bag