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Andrea Test

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Andrea    6
ITY77-31.png clear.gif clear.gif clear.gif  clear.gif clear.gif clear.gif clear.gifclear.gif

clear.gifBeneficial Platinum Bracelet of Miyamoto   clear.gif
(Wrists) Base Defense: 7, Adds 12.5 to LUK, Adds 12.5 to LUK, Multiply Experience by 5.0% (In Set: Level 10 EXP)


ITY702-31.png clear.gif clear.gif clear.gif  clear.gif clear.gif clear.gif clear.gifclear.gif

clear.gifFavored Chain Mail of Buffett   clear.gif
(Chest) Base Defense: 21, Adds 25.0 to LUK, Adds 25.0 to LUK, Multiply Experience by 10.0% (In Set: Level 20 EXP)



ITY733-31.png clear.gif clear.gif clear.gif  clear.gif clear.gif clear.gif clear.gifclear.gif clear.gifSuccessful Angkle Wats of Gates   clear.gif
(Feet) Base Defense: 5, Adds 37.5 to LUK, Adds 37.5 to LUK, Adds 37.5 to LUK, Multiply Experience by 20.0% (In Set: Level 40 EXP)

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