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Currently I'm looking for (if not too expensive):

  • Uncommon charms:
  • Notable Opals at 0.1m coins
  • Rare Opals at 4.0m coins
  • Rare T2 Exp (glass set): Plate Glass (chest), Vases (legs), Moldavite Circle (waist)
  • Rare T2 Exp (other slots): Back, Finger, Mouth, Neck, Shoulders
  • Rare T2 MF (glass set): Sandbags (feet)
  • Rare T2 MF (other slots): Eyes, Mouth, Neck, Wrists
  • Rare T3 MF (ceramic set): Maneki Bracers (arms), Maneki Armor (chest), Maneki Boots (feet), Maneki Gauntlets (hands), Maneki Helm (head), Maneki Greaves (legs), Maneki Shield (weak hand), Maneki Belt (waist)
  • Rare T3 MF (other slots): Back, Eyes, Finger, Neck, Pocket, Shoulders, Wrists
  • Epic T4 Exp: Ammo, Back, Eyes, Finger, Hands, Neck, Pocket, Shoulders, Strong Hand with over 100 base damage, Waist
  • Epic HPR: Back, Eyes, Hands, Mouth, Neck, Pocket, Shoulders, Strong Hand with over 100 base damage
  • Legendary T2+2 MF: Finger, Hands, Mouth, Neck, Pocket, Shoulders, Wrists
  • Legendary T3+3 MF: Ammo, Back, Finger, Hands, Head, Legs, Mouth, Neck, Shoulders, Waist, Weak Hand, Wrists
  • Six legendary Amices (shoulders) and six legendary Newspapers (back), no enchantments required
  • Rare MPR Charm to swap for my non-NFE rare Easter Lily plus some coins 

Contact me in game if you'd like to sell anything of this to me.

PS I also have 89 legendary purple master keys with unknown focuses to sell at 4.0m coins or two wishes each

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